The best way to handle a millennial’s feelings of entitlement is to provide them with a lot of responsibility. This doesn’t necessarily mean handing them an entire project, but clearly defining areas that they can own so they can flex their knowledge, expertise and decision-making ability. When doing so, you will find them embracing not only the work, but you as a manager and the company overall.

5. Don’t be vague

Millennials are not good at interpreting what you meant and rarely succeed when put into a situation to “wing it” themselves. Though they want responsibility and authority, they are uncomfortable without having some sort of framework for the task at hand. The best scenario is good instructions and a lot of flexibility in how you get there.

Though managing millennials can certainly be challengingparticularly for managers who have no experience in this areait is not a lost cause and can yield many benefits as they are smart, creative, tech-savvy and resourceful workers. However, since they grew up in the “everyone gets a trophy” culture, you must be extremely sensitive to what makes them tick or you might find them moving back in with mom and dad, who still think they are too young to be committing to a career!