6 Ways to Grow the Seeds of Greatness Within You Into Your Full Potential


The best leaders are always learning from the ways of others, including from the humble little seed. A seed takes in nourishment – water and oxygen – and when conditions are right, it opens and becomes something new. You, too, take in nourishment which helps you open and become something greater.

A seed opens from the inside, in the dark, in complete trust. You too open from the inside, ideally in complete trust, moving from dark (not knowing) to light (knowing). The full potential is there within the tiny seed -amazing!

Why does a seed open? It has outgrown its space. It needs to become and express a new and bigger version of itself. Why do you open? You have outgrown your space. You need to become and express a new and bigger version of yourself, which is an immensely powerful act of love.

  • Are you outgrowing the way you are being and doing?
  • Are you willing to open to be something greater?
  • Will you trust that you will emerge as a better version of yourself?
  • Will you nourish yourself to support your expansion into your full potential?

6 Amare Ways to Grow the Seeds of Greatness Within You

  1. Trust when you know. When you’ve outgrown your space in work or life, you’ll know it deep within. Try not to resist that knowing, and trust that it’s for your greatest good, even if it’s uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t force the opening. Seeds open when they are nourished and ready. If you get impatient, simply tell yourself, “This is happening in its own way.” Let yourself wonder about what still needs to take place in order to open. Try to be an observer of the unfolding.
  3. Nourish the seeds within you. Do three things every day that nourish the seeds germinating within you – short breaks, meditation, music, nature walks, laughter, being with friends, etc. You choose!
  4. Prepare for rooting. Make a list of “rooting” activities that will support and stabilize that which is new, when it emerges. Consider what has helped you in the past to successfully sustain  new thinking or new routines.
  5. Do a little gardening. Consider a little actual “hands in the dirt” time. Tune into when you need to give your seeds water, light, fertilizer – and when you need to weed. Then repeat with your inner self.
  6. Make “seeds” part of your culture. Plant a tree for every employee, every new customer, every special event, etc. It’s good for the environment, supports CSR (corporate social responsibility) goals, promotes employee engagement, and strengthens your brand as a love-powered Amare organization. Here are a couple of organizations (certified B Corps) that do that: Ecomatcher and TheTreeApp.

Take in the nourishment you require, swell and expand toward your full potential, and when the conditions are right, emerge as a greater you. Then put your roots down to ground you, and grow up and out into your full expression as a human being and Amare leader.

APR 5, 2023

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